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AboutHi! I'm Ada, your cheerful OperationsAlly.

Who Is Ada Barlatt?

I’ve had many roles in my life - Engineer, University Professor, Student, Wife, Sister, Entrepreneur. At heart though, I’m a fun loving, freedom-seeking tech pro who geeks outs over systems and loves creating ease with technology.

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How OperationsAlly Was Born

Truth is, I’ve been interested in how to make things "better" my whole life. In fact, I spent many years of my life studying "the science of better" - technically called Industrial & Systems Engineering. I even earned a Ph.D., so you could say I'm a nerd about it. ;)

I spent my early career working in large organizations, studying workflow, optimizing operations and teaching others how to improve systems and processes. As it turned out, big organizations just weren’t an ideal fit for me, so in 2012, I decided to become an entrepreneur.

After spending some time in app development, I knew it was time to change direction. I learned a lot from that venture but I missed people and wanted to find a way to put my education into practice. I began to realize how engineering -- an organized and systematic way of building something -- can be the special spark to ignite businesses growth. Also, I realized that I loved small businesses (and small business owners). I love the guts it takes to step out on your own and start a business. I was always inspired by the passion small business owners have for their businesses.

With that OperationsAlly was created with one mission -- helping everyone use systems to streamline and improve their lives.

Through OperationsAlly, I use my professional expertise to create custom tailored technology solutions that give business owners efficiency & flexibility to grow.

A Few Fun Facts About Me

I’m not just some nerdy tech engineer who lives behind a computer all day long. Here are a some of the fun things I get up to when I’m not helping business ownes like you:

  • I love taking trips

    Cruising is my favorite way to see the world, but I’ll take planes and trains too! :)
  • Tea for me please!

    I love herbal and non-cafinated teas! I drink tea almost every day (and often for all day)!
  • I'm a crafter

    I made the purple/pink dress in the photo collage!() After a long day of problem solving, I enoy planning or working on my next next home improvement or sewing project.
  • Family time brings me joy

    I have lots of family all over the world and we get together often.
  • I love sports

    Especially football (both American football and soccer). I always cheer on my alma maters (Rutgers and the University of Michigan), I also love the Philadelphia Eagles and the Toronto Football Club (TFC).
photos of Ada Barlatt
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The process to begin working with you began when I started to really understand that what "I don't know" in this space was significant. And, it was truly enough to paralyze me from taking new steps! To grow my business, I knew I needed new online tools to support and drive that - but the options were overwhelming and I needed you to help me see the forest for the trees. And, because of your patience, support, coaching, questioning and understanding we were able to identify the very best tool for me at the very best budget. The investment in you was also an important investment in my business!

Julie Cowan, Relocation Specialist and President of relo-to ltd.

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