Increase Sales and Reduce Churn with Predictive Reporting from OperationsAlly

Email marketing reports with actionable insights to help you increase revenues.

You're ready to optimize your email marketing to grow your revenues, but there's a problem...

Your current email marketing reports aren't giving you the insights that you need.

Your current campaign-based reports don’t provide a complete picture of the subscribers on your list.  

To know the best way to build your revenues, you need to understand the factors that influence purchase and churn decisions.

But your campaign-based reports are falling short ... because ultimately, it is people that make decisions - not campaigns

You are ready to take action to increase purchases and decrease canceled accounts.

But before you can take action, you need to get clear on what drives your subscribers' behavior.

OperationsAlly’s Predictive Reporting gives you the insights you’re missing.

Solution: Predictive Reporting = 

more buyers, less churn

The OperationsAlly contact-focused approach is unique. It studies the attributes of each contact on your list to give insights into customer behavior.

An OperationsAlly Predictive Report uses the existing data in your email marketing account to calculate a likelihood rating for your contacts - for purchasing or churning from one of your offers. 

This helps you be more proactive and effective in your marketing efforts by:

  • Creating customized and targeted lists for the contacts most likely to purchase or churn
  • Developing email nurtures and specific offers to reduce churn or increase sales
  • Designing new offers or content around what works for your list
  • Strategizing on new lead sources based on your subscriber behavior

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"Campaigns don't make purchases -- people do -- it’s time to focus our analysis efforts more on the data you have about your individual contacts and less on aggregate campaign metrics."

-- Dr. Ada Y. Barlatt

Founder and Data Scientist, OperationsAlly

How It Works

Simply put: fancy math! 

OperationsAlly reports are built using a unique algorithm and predictive analytics techniques to identify commonalities in the attributes of your past purchasers or churned customers.

Those attributes are compared with contacts in your database to identify contacts that are similar but have not purchased or churned yet.

The Buyer and Churn Predictive Report will surface insights that equip you to take relevant, strategic actions that move you towards your revenue goals. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks!

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Buyer and Churn Predictive Reports: What’s Inside

The detailed report has two parts: a Contact Prediction and an Attributes Summary.

This gives you a rounded perspective on your subscriber list while providing insight on those most likely to purchase or churn.

You’ll get to understand key steps on their journey, including what they have - or have not - interacted with. In addition, you’ll get to understand the key steps in your existing journey that influence your subscribers' decisions.

The insights contained in the report help you understand what is influencing purchase or churn decisions and take action.

Use Insights about the Common Behaviors of your Buyers or Churners to Increase Revenues

Go beyond campaign-focused reports. An OperationsAlly Predictive Report will help you understand the factors that influence purchase and churn decisions.

The process is simple:

Step 1:


It all starts with a quick discovery form - then you'll receive access to a personalized demo to ensure that we're a good fit.

Step 2:


Next, you'll get set up in your personalized portal to access your reports.

Step 3:


Then you'll use the data-driven insights in the reports to initiate actions that increase revenues.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What email service providers (ESP) can you work with?

We can work with most email service providers. We currently offer a direct integration with ActiveCampaign and can create custom integrations for other ESPs.

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What types of contact attributes can you consider?

Almost any attributes that you have on your contacts can be included in the analysis.

ActiveCampaign users can consider campaign and automation send and click events, page visits (when enabled by site tracking), tags, and custom field values (specific values for date, datetime, checkbox, dropdown or radio button custom fields, blank or not blank for all other field types).


For other ESP users, a similar set of attributes can be considered. The only limitation is what data is available via the tools exporting capabilities or API.

To get examples of what attributes you can use in your specific business, click here to get started.

How much data do I need to get started?

There are three data requirements to get started. You will need:

  • At least one paid offer, with a previous sales history of paying customers.
  • To be actively creating and sharing content with your contacts via email marketing.
  • To be passionate about using data to help inform decisions for your business growth.

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How does the approach work?

OperationsAlly uses a predictive analytics approach, where the information you've collected in the past is used to predict or forecast the future. You can learn more about predictive approaches and how they compare to other analytics techniques here.

Specifically, the OperationsAlly process uses advanced analytics techniques to find commonalities in the attributes of people that either purchased or churned in the past. The output of the analysis has two parts:

  1. estimate the likelihood of purchase
  2. understand the common buyer attributes

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What types of actions can I take based on these reports?

You have lots of options here!  In general, a report inspires action in three categories:

  • Re-connecting (e. g., a new campaign),
  • Sending Something (e.g., a related offer), and
  • Crafting Experiences (e.g., update a customer persona).

There is a reference inside the portal that will help you brainstorm possible actions based on your report.

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How much does it cost?

Pricing is calculated based on your needs and depends on the number of offers analyzed, how frequently you would like to access the reports, and your list size.

Get in touch to get a specific quote for your business.