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A friendly rant on my approach to marketing.

Ah! Marketing! There is so much advice out there about what to do and the way you "have" to do it! Ugh!

I believe:
  1. you ARE a marketer -- you share effortlessly with friends and family the things that you love, and you are good at explaining the strengths behind the products and services you love -- you are a marketer naturally, but you haven't quite found the way to do it so naturally for your business,
  2. when it comes to promoting your business, it is important to follow your own path,
  3. there IS a marketing approach that works with your personality, and 
  4. there IS a marketing approach that will fit with your life and attract your ideal clients. 
The trick is finding the right marketing approach that brings your life flow, joy, and ease! (and this journey is continuous -- I'm no expert, I'm still working on it!)
With all of this in mind, I've learned to take everyone's marketing advice with a grain of salt -- what works for them, may not work for you.
You don't HAVE to use social media to have a successful business.  The same goes for email marketing! Social media and email marketing (and any other marketing approach) can work for your business -- but you'll only get the results if you do the work. If something doesn't work well for you and/or doesn't feel good -- then don't do it! 
In the past, I've tried all sorts of things like giving workshops, attending in-person networking events, podcasting, Pinterest, YouTube, structured blogging schedules and SEO and I just didn't resonate with them -- I ended up feeling unhappy, stressed and burnt out. 

I've found a new mantra in marketing -- I only need one marketing approach that works well for me and my clients

And now I'm on the hunt for that one (or few) marketing approach(es). Once I find them, I need to be consistent
I know that once I find a way to market my business that resonates with me and that I can do consistently, getting new clients and growing my business will be easy and fun!   
Here are some questions I asked myself to brainstorm marketing approaches: 
  • What are the ways you enjoy connecting with people?
    • For me, it is a one-on-one conversation -- I love the give and take of a conversation and I LOVE to be asked questions that I can give specific resources to address someone's questions

Three Great Books to Help You Focus Your Time on What is Important

I 've been doing lots of research and some fantastic reading lately. I have a passion for life balance; I am constantly exploring what that phrase means for me and my clients.   With that passion in mind, I have poured many exciting hours into learning more about how we can make our lives feel lighter, balanced and more fulfilled if we pay close attention to the timing of our daily schedules and exactly what we include on our calendars.

Not sure what option to move forward with next? Use an impact-effort matrix to help you make your decision.

Life and business are full of options. At times, unfortunately, the number of options can be overwhelming. There are many ways that you can make a decision, but one of my favorite methods to select the next step in my business is using an impact-effort matrix.

How do you balance creativity and productivity at work?

How are you spending your day at work? How are you balancing creativity and productivity?

This week I'm shaking things up a bit, instead of sharing an article I wrote, I want to introduce you to the Zapier newsletter -- one that I LOVE.

Too much on your to-do list? Ask yourself three questions to discover ways to do more in less time!

Discover the opportunities to improve your day-to-day with just three questions.

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