ActiveCampaign marketing automation is a great fit for subscription businesses!

If you are in the market for an email marketing tool, there are tons of choices! On this page, I describe why I think that ActiveCampaign is a great fit for your subscription business..

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Why select ActiveCampaign for your subscription business?

Best-in-class Personalization

Robust and Flexible Subscriber Profiles

Fantastic Support and Resources

Best-in-class Personalization

Personalization is key to making your members feel like they belong and maximizing lifetime value.

ActiveCampaign helps you use the data you collect about your contacts to send highly targeted marketing messages.

  • 20 + automation triggers help you send a variety of messages including, renewal reminders, birthday wishes, onboarding series and re-engagement campaigns
  • 40+ automation actions help you implement logical branching and automatically send emails, SMS or update a contact’s information
  • Conditional Blocks help you customize entire sections of an email based on the contact.
  • Use this feature to write fewer emails with more personalized content. For example, a section of your emails could change based on the contact's subscription status.  
  • Custom Fields include standard information like first name -- and they can capture information specific to your subscription business like renewal date or subscription tier.
  • Capture information about each contact that can be used with personalization tags to customize emails.
Robust and Flexible Subscriber Profiles

In order to personalize your marketing messages you need data!

ActiveCampaign helps you collect important data to create robust contact profiles.

  • MY FAVORITE! A real valuable feature for email marketing and marketing automation!
  • Custom Objects enable you to create a comprehensive view of your contacts by uniting data from the apps you use the most within each contact profile.
  • Using Custom Objects allow you to truly customize your account and store more information about each contact than standard Custom Fields. For example, you can capture complete purchase histories -- no more overwriting a single "Last Purchase Date" field -- instead you can store information about each purchase!
  • Built-in forms help you quickly and easily collect information about your prospects and members and add it to their profiles
  • Site Tracking records the actions that contacts take on your web pages
  • Use this feature to track subscribers visits to your website and then automate marketing messages when a subscriber views specific pages.

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