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It's time for F.L.O.W. Use tech to Feel Light & Organized at Work

System Design & Technology Guidance for your Business

Congrats! Your business is growing -- and things are busy!

There is only one downside, you and your team are struggling to keep up with all of the work.

Let me be your Ally, I'll help you streamline your systems and maximize technology so that you stay ahead of your growing business.

My F.L.O.W. workshop experience will give you the knowledge and systems you need to Feel Light & Organized at Work!

Avoid Tech Woes

a business owner worried about tech

I met Sarah* after she hit a breaking point with her business systems. She was less than 2 years into her business and was spending close to $2000 per month for the system & the expert to go with the system. She chose her software based on a quick recommendation and really had no idea whether or not this was the right tool for her business. She was hemorrhaging money fast and feeling completely overwhelmed. Sarah needed some sound guidance from a trusted professional. *named changed for her privacy

"I wish I had met you sooner Ada! I bought into the hype - I was told: "you have to invest in your business to the extent that your business will grow ". So I bought in and invested in more than I needed. You could have saved me over $10K and countless hours. You help to balance out all the 'crazy' in the tech space."

I get it - technology can be overwhelming. There are so many tools out there and so many ways to use them. It's enough to make your head spin. The apps and software that are supposed to simplify our lives, often take up loads of our time and can end up making us feel burned out and frustrated. What's worse - we often purchase software that we don't always need.

We can be sucked in with "bells & whistles" that we barely use or even know how to leverage. Shame starts to creep in with constant media pressure or even well-meaning peers who make us feel like we're not keeping up. It isn't always clear what is the right option for your business and the options can seem endless.

Honestly, it's all a recipe for staying stuck in your business.

If you are struggling with finding the best technology solutions for your business, then let me be your Ally.

F.L.O.W Workshop Experience

images of steps in the FLOW workshop

This experience is intended to bring clarity and ease in identifying the right tech for your business model. You'll be focused less on learning software and more on developing the system you need for the goals you want to achieve. You'll walk away with a weight off shoulders, knowing what you'll need to take your business forward.

How it Works

I will be your guide on this journey. You'll release frustration, overwhelm and tune in to your specific business needs. You'll leave knowing you've got a sound process in place and the right software you need to run it!

At the end of this workshop, you will leave with clarity on the types of apps you really need and how you'll use them day-to-day.

This experience will help you:

  • Maximize your existing tech
  • Select the new tools you need
  • Identify the apps that aren't serving you (yippie for canceling subscriptions!)

The FLOW workshop experience starts with us working one-on-one and with a small group one-day workshop. Our one-on-one sessions prior to the workshop will help you gain clarity on how your business is running how and where to focus your efforts. Next, during the in-person workshop, you'll make new connections with other business owners and have your questions honestly, on the spot. You'll be empowered to make solid tech and systems decisions now and into the future.

F.L.O.W. Workshop Schedule

Before the Workshop

Pre-work: I'll provide a self-assessment to help you reflect on your vision and how your business is currently running -- it will help you uncover what systems are working and what systems aren't.

One-on-One Session(s): During one 60-minute session, we'll meet to discuss your pre-work and identify the most pressing operational bottleneck that is holding your business back.

Morning Session

Dream it up: This day is about you - and starts with your wants and needs. We'll clarify the systems you need to get rid of your bottleneck to move your business forward.

Design it: This is where we'll define your workflow, the series of steps (tasks, activities, and interactions) required for you to overcome your bottleneck. A well-defined workflow describes and optimizes the process.


Yummy delicious & nutritious! A chance to recharge or connect with the group.

Afternoon Session

Do it: Here we focus on how software can make your workflow reality. We'll discuss the best ways to implement software, what you want to take on yourself, what you'll want to delegate to others, how to set your budget & how to identify and evaluate your options.  We'll create a customized set of tech features that you need to eliminate your bottleneck. I'll also provide recommendations on what specific tools fit your ideal workflow. 

Is this for you? Here's how to tell:

  • You know your business model, your brand, and you have a track record of paying clients
  • You're aware that tech can help you save time but get overwhelmed with figuring out the best option for you
  • You want a clear understanding of what software tools will do for you and how they help grow your business
  • You're happy to invest in tech and tech support, once you've got the right tool
  • You want to get your questions answered in a space where you will not be overwhelmed or tech-shamed

Meet Your Systems & Tech Guide

headshot of Ada Barlatt

Hello! I'm Ada, your cheerful OperationsAlly.

One of my special superpowers is my ability to de-mystify technology and create simple, powerful systems that bring ease to your day and more cash into your business. Here's where these skills come from:

  • I earned my Ph.D. in Industrial & Systems Engineering and went on to be a University Professor
  • My early career was spent with large organizations studying workflow and optimizing their systems
  • I've been on the entrepreneur path since 2012 and have customized my own systems all along
  • I'm a programmer and I love using tech to keep things simple and save me time
photo of Suzanne LeValley

I greatly enjoyed working with Ada. The search for software would have been impossible for me without Ada's help. I have no expertise in this area, and the options were many and varied, so your ability to analyze our needs and cut to the chase was of tremendous value.

Suzanne LeValley, President at Longley Condominium Services Ltd.

photo of Laura Munz

Working with Ada was an amazing experience. Her enthusiasm and work ethic is infectious and I'm thankful for the structure, growth and fresh ideas she brought to my independent art business. With so many opportunities available to the business world, choosing the right path can feel daunting. Ada helped bring clarity and focus to my daily routine, allowing me to feel more confident when making decisions for my business needs.

Laura Munz, Co-owner of an independent art business

Get Started

WHEN: Start at any time, in-person workshops monthly

COST: $2,000.00 CAD         (plus taxes if your business is based in Canada)

F.L.O.W. in-person workshops are limited to 5 participants.

Ready to get started?

Click the button and complete the form on the next page. I'll contact you shortly with our next steps.



Sound operational systems are needed in ALL businesses. Technology can be applied no matter your industry. I've worked with companies in health & wellness, real estate, retail, construction, consulting and more.

Yes! I'll be following up with you over the long-term, keeping you updated on relevant features that will make your workflow even more - flowy!

If you need support in implementing your final workshop, I'd be happy to connect you with one of the implementation experts in my network.

In addition, you can always book a "Deep Dive" Consultation. This session will give you up to 2-hours of 1-on-1 time with me where I can clarify your concerns, refine your strategic software mapping, outline next steps and recommend implementation experts to help you get your new process up and running. A deep dive session is $500. You can book this for the day after the workshop (to be held in-person) or for a future date (to be conducted virutally).

Yes. However, I recommend waiting until after the workshop before purchasing new software. The full experience (pre-work sessions + the workshop) can help you identify how to make the most of your existing tools or if you need new tools, and what those tools need to have.

Software training will not be conducted at the workshop. Your time will be focused on honing and tailoring the processes that are right for your business. If there is specific software you'd like to learn, I can recommend some resources for you.

No. Absolutely none. I am a software sleuth not a sales person. I only make specific recommendations for tools and apps when requested.

Most workshops are jam-packed on day one - and then, nothing. Not this workshop! I'll be following up with you over the long-term, keeping you updated on relevant features that will make your workflow even more - flowy! Moreover, the savings you can make on properly aligning your tech needs to your business can be priceless. Check out Sarah's story above!

Logos of software that I'ved used in projects: Twitter, Google, Calendly, Trello, MindBody Online, QuickBooks Online, Pinterest, Active Collab, MailChimp, Wave, PayPal, BuilderTrend, Plutio, Omnify, IFTTT, Zapier, ActiveCampaign, Facebook, Contactually, ConvertKit, Bindo, Vend, SquareSpace, Streak, Jobber, Asana, Acuity Scheduling, Book Like A Boss, Stripe, Wordpress, Square

So many tools. So little time. Don't get stuck in a cloud of software frustration. Get an OperationsAlly.

These are just some of the tech tools I've worked with and recommended for my clients. My only goal is to make sure you're using the tools that are the right fit for you. Let me be your Ally!

To get started,