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Have you said this? Six phrases that let you know it's time for digital collaboration guidelines.

Are you maximizing your collaboration tools?

Getting your entire team on the same page with digital collaboration guidelines will allow you to save time and provide consistently high-quality services.

If you've said (or thought) these seven phrases it's time to consider new digital collaboration guidelines for your business!

  • "I'm so tired of getting all of these unnecessary (messages, emails, texts)!"
  • "Why does (person's name here) keep using reply all?!?!"
  • "I would like to give myself, and my team permission to unplug and disconnect from work."
  • "Why is this client (or colleague) keep contacting me in this way? This is not an appropriate channel for my work communication."
  • "Now where did I put that information I need -- was it in an email? or a text? perhaps in Slack? maybe in Trello?"
  • "I'm away on vacation... do I check in on work or not?"
  • "I'm tired of checking emails before and after work -- why do I get so many? There has to be a better way!

If you see yourself in any of the phrases above, it's time to take action!

To start, make sure to reflect on what you want. Where is the gap between what you want and what is happening?

Next, gather information. Talk to your staff to see if they are experiencing similar frustrations. Speak to your clients to see if they have ideas on changes that would make working with you easier. Take note of every suggestion and idea -- the more, the better.

Lastly, prioritize and implement improvements. Prioritize your list of ideas and highlight the best opportunities. Not every guideline has to be complicated. You already are using powerful tools, now is the time to make the most of them. Sometimes a simple template can make all of the difference, or a small adjustment to everyone's settings can make everything easier. If you aren't sure where to start, or feel overwhelmed by the process or want assistance, don't worry, there are people and professionals, like me that can help.

I'll be your Ally in the entire process -- giving you the time you need to focus on running your business. We can work together to review your opportunities, then I'll do the research, and identify the guidelines and workflows that will be the best fit for your business! Ready to get started? Apply here.

photo of Ada Barlatt, Ph.D.
Author : Ada Barlatt, Ph.D.
Ada on a mission to help agencies improve how they use e-communication tools (like email, project management apps, and instant messaging apps) so they can enjoy increased productivity, profits, and life balance. Learn more about Ada.

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