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Do you sometimes forget important tasks?

Create a system to get organized.

Rely on a system instead of your memory. Using a system (instead of your brain) to keep your short-term and long-term tasks frees up your mind to take a break (yay!) or to work on other important things -- like your business growth strategy.

Before you pick a system, reflect on what you have to do (and what you keep forgetting). Any system I design starts with a clear definition of how it needs to work. Task management is no different. How do you want your task management system to work? What do you not want to forget? When do you want to be reminded? Where do you want to keep track of your tasks? On your computer? On your phone? With pen and paper? Does anyone else need to be able to access your tasks? Do you have a budget to pay for a task management system? Answer these questions for yourself clearly now, and you will have a much easier time finding the tools to help later.

Pick the right tool(s) to work with your system. There are many great task management tools on the market. Personally, I really enjoy Google products and use a combination Google Calendar and Google Keep to stay on top of things (personally and professionally). I've also recently adopted an amazing task management app called Ora. For my clients, I take time to understand their needs carefully before making recommendations. If you want to keep your task list to pen and paper, I suggest you check out the paper-based productivity tools by David Seah. In addition to the Google products, I've recommended several different online tools to my clients including Remember the Milk, Todoist,, and Asana. It's important to take some time upfront to identify the best tool for you and your business.

If you are looking for support in modifying your current task management process or introducing a new task management system -- book a session and let me be your Ally! I'll help you find a great system for you and your team!

photo of Ada Barlatt, Ph.D., P. Eng.
Author : Ada Barlatt, Ph.D., P. Eng.
Hi there! My name is Dr. Ada, and I'm your cheerful OperationsAlly! Since 2016, I've been helping small business owners use technology and automation to save time and boost their business revenues. If you feel overwhelmed, confused, or intimidated by the idea and process of automating your emails - I am here for you! Learn more about Ada.


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