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Three Great Books to Help You Focus Your Time on What is Important

I 've been doing lots of research and some fantastic reading lately. I have a passion for life balance; I am constantly exploring what that phrase means for me and my clients.   With that passion in mind, I have poured many exciting hours into learning more about how we can make our lives feel lighter, balanced and more fulfilled if we pay close attention to the timing of our daily schedules and exactly what we include on our calendars.

Not sure what option to move forward with next? Use an impact-effort matrix to help you make your decision.

Life and business are full of options. At times, unfortunately, the number of options can be overwhelming. There are many ways that you can make a decision, but one of my favorite methods to select the next step in my business is using an impact-effort matrix.

How do you balance creativity and productivity at work?

How are you spending your day at work? How are you balancing creativity and productivity?

This week I'm shaking things up a bit, instead of sharing an article I wrote, I want to introduce you to the Zapier newsletter -- one that I LOVE.

Too much on your to-do list? Ask yourself three questions to discover ways to do more in less time!

Discover the opportunities to improve your day-to-day with just three questions.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your business to-do list? How to get focused fast.

Take time to reflect on how you are spending your time and what you really need to do.

Owning a business means you are managing many moving pieces. Each day several tasks need to be completed. It is quite common for tasks to pile up quickly. Unfortunately, many business owners spend time completing tasks that are wasting their time. My aim is to help you fill your days with tasks that lead to revenue, contribute to serving your clients and enable business growth.

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