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Are your emails going to spam? You may need to update some simple settings.

A few simple changes can reduce the chances your messages go to spam.

Emails are super important for small businesses today. I use emails to expand my network, keep in touch and communicate with my clients.

Since every message is important, it would stink for any message to end up in a spam folder.

Do you know if your messages are going to spam? The good news is that you can increase the chances your messages end up in your recipient's inbox if you update some settings.

You may need to update your settings if:

1. You are sending out messages and never get a response

2. You noticing open rates in your email marketing campaigns

To check if your messages may be getting bumped to spam: Send yourself a message from your email or your email marketing account (for example from ActiveCampaign) and look at what you receive.

If the from line says: Your Name via (pictured below), you have this problem.

example of message that may end up in spam

Gmail will often deliver your messages to the recipient's inbox, but for other email services, you may get bumped to spam.

The Solution: The way to get around it is to verify and authenticate your domain (by updating some settings and permissions with your domain host).

I know that you are super busy (like all small business owners) but your emails are super valuable.

Any time that you invest in maximizing the number of messages that go to your recipients' inboxes is time well spent. If you are having problems with spam, I recommend you verify and authenticate your domain.

Let me be your Ally. Since every service has slightly different instructions, I won't be able to post all of the links here. Instead, I recommend that we set up an online session where I will walk you through the steps.

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Author : Ada Barlatt, Ph.D., P. Eng.
Hi there! My name is Dr. Ada, and I'm your cheerful OperationsAlly! Since 2016, I've been helping small business owners use technology and automation to save time and boost their business revenues. If you feel overwhelmed, confused, or intimidated by the idea and process of automating your emails - I am here for you! Learn more about Ada.


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